Jeff Davis Dive Site Bonaire

Jeff Davis Dive Site – The perfect off the beaten path beach day on Bonaire

On arrival at the popular Thousand Steps for a little snorkeling one Friday afternoon we stumbled into about seven or eight cars in the “parking lot” – that’s a crowd on Bonaire! We put the car in reverse and drove back toward where we’d come from to choose a spot with a bit more privacy and elbow room – Jeff Davis Dive Site.

Our brief search took us about a half mile down the road to the dive site Jeff Davis. This special place is named for medical researcher, war veteran, and NASA scientist Dr. Jefferson Davis, an American medical doctor who pioneered the use of hyperbaric oxygen in the treatment of decompression sickness in divers.

What a beautiful spot to go for a swim, snorkel or just to take in the view. There was one couple at the beach – one scooter parked in the “parking lot” and an entire beach for our own private enjoyment. Amazing snorkeling, shocking crystal clear blue water and even some sand, unusual on Bonaire. This beach is the perfect off-the-beaten-path place to beach for the day.

The entrance into the sea is pretty rocky – you will need to step down a few steps on rocks – there is no ladder or any easy access. There is a small amount of shade in some thorny trees. No facilities nearby so water and snacks are a good idea.

Jeff Davis Dive site is marked by one of the iconic yellow stones that indicate all marked dive sites on the island of Bonaire. It’s located on the Queen’s Highway along the same road where you will find Thousand Steps, Weber’s Joy, Tolo and Karpata. This is a wonderful road for biking, running, walking or just going for a ride to check out Bonaire’s amazing scenery.

Tip: bring beach chairs  and watch for thorns on the ground!


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