Pastechi. The best snacks to taste while visiting Bonaire

Pastechi. The best snacks to taste while visiting Bonaire

Taste something new while visiting Bonaire. The favorite Bonairian snack for locals and tourists alike is the Pastechi. These are half moon shaped fried dough pockets filled with your choice of gouda cheese, ham and cheese, salt fish, tuna fish, ground beef, chicken and possibly some vegetable or vegetarian options. Some of the chicken and beef pastecchi are made with raisins.

Pastechi are available at Van Den Tweel grocery store at the front counter. You can also get them at many of the smaller local shops such as Zhung Kong supermarket. Many offer pastechi that are made by locals and sold directly at the cash register out of tins brought in fresh daily. In our opinion the best pastechis come from The Flamingo Airport restaurant Techno Bar. So if you don’t have a chance to try them during your trip, stop by the Techno Bar before departure and pick one up to stay or even to take with you on your flight home.

Van Den Tweel Supermarket has the option to eat-in as does the Techno Bar at the airport. Try your pastechi with a cold beer or coffee. Perfect, not-so-healthy snack for kids (and adults.)

Other interesting snacks you’ll find on the island of Bonaire are fried Dutch treats. The most popular, frikandel is fried skinless sometimes bite-size sausage that is a sort of Dutch comfort food often served with curry ketchup and/or mayonnaise.

Other snacks typically served alongside frikandel and also considered Dutch comfort food are bitterballen and kroketten. (The “en” at the end makes Dutch words plural but we think bitterballen sounds tastier than bitter balls… so will leave it at that). More on Frikandel and these Dutch snacks in another post but suffice it to say we recommend sticking with the pastechi! If you’re going to try the other Dutch snacks we recommend having them with an actual Dutch person who can explain their goodness to you. And barring that – wash them down with a few beers. Enjoy!