Booking Fees? Just Say No.

Booking Fees? Just Say No.

Book directly with us  to get the best price on your vacation rental in Bonaire.

When you’re searching for the perfect Bonaire holiday home a lot of factors come into play. Is the property close to the beach? How many bedrooms does it have? What about air-conditioning and internet?  Of course price for most travelers is the number one deciding factor.  Is this the right rental at the right price? Is it within your budget?

In February 2016, VRBO, Home Away and implemented a “traveler fee” to reservations booked through their websites.  It varies from 4-10% of the total value of the booking. For a reservation that would normally cost you $1000 the total price will now be up to $1100. charge owners 15% of the total rental price, driving prices up for travelers and making it hard for owners to stay in business.

When booking through these sites you may not see these “hidden” fees until you are almost done booking.  To find out in advance,  you can review their fees by going to the “view details” link of the booking section.

VRBO, Home Away and Vacation Rentals, among others like Owners Direct are now  owned by the conglomerate Expedia.  TripAdvisor, another giant in the business owns pretty much everything else aside from AirBnb, another giant. The terms “VRBO” which (used to) mean “Vacation Rental By Owner.” or “OD” for “Owners Direct” – no longer seem fitting when guests and owners are paying large commissions to these corporations for the same experience they’d be getting for less by actually booking “By Owner.”  The conglomerates want us to feel that our experience when we use them  is somehow better and/or safer  but really it’s just more costly for everyone.

The bottom line?  Say no to booking fees and save us all some cash. To keep the bottom line down please book directly with vacation rental owners.  Use the rental listing sites to find a property, but then search for that property’s own website and book there.  Not just with Breezy Bonaire but wherever your travels take you.