Gio's Gelateria ice cream on Bonaire

The Best Ice Cream on Bonaire – Gio’s Gelateria

Yesterday we went for a run so today it’s time to indulge. Gio’s Gelateria is a huge favorite among locals and tourists alike. Gio’s is located on the equivalent of what we’d call Main Street –  in downtown Kralendijk, Kaya Grandi. Although the view is better from the newly opened Luciano’s – Gio’s Gelateria has still got it – definitely the best place to go for Ice Cream on Bonaire. Cute chandeliers as decor, plenty of seating inside and out, and most of all – the ice cream is just plain delicious. On cruise ship days this place is packed as is most of downtown. The hustle and bustle that really isn’t a part of your typical Bonaire experience isn’t a bad thing though.  Sit outside and do some people watching. Gio’s is also the perfect spot for your morning cappuccino which comes with a little dash of gelato on the side! You can also try the dutch apple pie with your coffee as a breakfast option. In Dutch,”Koffie and Vlaai”. Try Gio’s pie and cappuccino special for $5. We also love a Gio’s ice cream after a dinner downtown. Rather than ordering dessert at the restaurant take a walk along the water front and then head over to Gio’s for dessert and an espresso. Gio’s Gelateria is central to most restaurants and lodging on the island.

Gio’s Gelateria also has a small refrigerator with gourmet chocolates and other delicacies.

Portion sizes for ice cream are small compared to the equivalent in the United States. Current prices: One scoop is $1.75 and each additional scoop is another $1.75. Add whipped cream for another $1.00. Savor every bite!

coffee and dutch apple pie at Gio's Gelateria            outdoor seating at gio's gelateria in downtown Kralendijk bonaire    Gio's Gelateria ice cream on Bonaire   coffee cappuccino bonaire - prices for ice cream at gio's Gelateria

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