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Tolo: Off-The-Beaten-Path Beach on Bonaire

We thought we’d share a few photos from another gorgeous off the beaten path Bonaire beach. This one is the dive site called Tolo.

What makes this Bonaire beach a little more off-the-beaten-path than many others is that you have to commit to it! Once you continue past thousand steps on the road toward Tolo there’s literally no turning back. The Queen’s Highway becomes a one-way road at a certain point before arriving at Tolo. To get back to wherever it is that you came from you have to continue North toward the little town of Rincon and then double back. Really for anyone from anywhere that’s not Bonaire, this should not be a big deal. You are guaranteed to not encounter traffic – probably not a single other car for miles. But still, it’s hot and isolated and the two way road back towards civilization is kinda on the beautiful side making it hard to commit to getting back via the “back road.”

But Bonaire is for adventurers. And Tolo is worth it. The two little cement benches under the trees have been there as long as we’ve been visiting the island.  So if you don’t have chairs you know you’ll at least have a place to sit that’s not on thorns and with a bit of shade.

The only real novelty from previous years is the amount and density of the sea urchin population. If you plan to swim plan your entrance carefully. It is possible to dive, swim and snorkel here. There’s even quite a bit of open space for playing paddle ball or having a slightly larger group of people than at a smaller and thornier beach like Jeff Davis.

Tolo is the perfect off the beaten path Bonaire locale. Have a picnic, get some shade and get away from it all. If you are  exploring the Queen’s highway on a day trip we’d suggest a stop at Tolo after having a swim at Oil Slick Leap, checking out the little sandy beach at Jeff Davis, having a snorkel at Weber’s Joy and making the descent down to Thousand Steps.

If you continue on through Rincon after stopping at Tolo, stop for a Bonairian style lunch at the non-touristy, off the beaten path Bonaire local restaurant Rose Inn.

queen's highway bonaire scenery; off the beaten path bonaire divi divi tree on bonaire at Tolo; off the beaten path Bonaire

tolo dive site off the beaten path bonaire sea urchin invasion bonaire 2018; off the beaten path bonaire

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