Where to eat lunch on the Beach in Bonaire: Spice Beach

Where to eat lunch on the Beach in Bonaire: Spice Beach

lunch on the beach at spice beach club  dinner at spice beach club bonaire

At Spice Beach Club lunch is served here: right on the beach (left) and breakfast and dinner are served in the covered restaurant on the right.

Where to eat lunch on the beach in Bonaire

When visiting the island for a week you want to find that perfect combination of beach vibe, good food and view. Maybe you noticed from my previous blog posts, but I’m always after that relaxing turquoise view. I search for great places to relax and have a meal right on the water.

I like Spice Beach Club especially for lunch as you can dine with your feet in the sand and your eyes on the water. The food is decent – the atmosphere relaxed. And best of all you lunch barefoot in the sand with turquoise water views.

What to eat

On our last visit we tried the catch of the day, mahi-mahi, pictured above. It comes with fries and a small salad. Spice chefs serve up a simple, fresh and filling meal – not fancy but just right. If not more than right at $14.75 for fresh fish, ocean view and feet in the sand. I also recommend chicken Sate –  a good choice for picky kids and adults alike. On the day we lunched at Spice the special was a big slice of meat Lasagna, another crowd pleaser again at $14.75.

What not to eat:

Try the “Dutch treats” if you’ve never tried them – bitterballen, krokets, frikandel and other fried, crunchy and sometimes slimy goodies comprise these so-called treats. We are not huge fans if you didn’t gather from the use of the word slimy.  But frikandel, a fried sausage made from chicken, pork and beef, bitterballen, breaded balls of meat and stew, krokets, a fried cylinder shaped snack filled with ragout and described by google as containing “strands” of meat are well known Dutch comfort foods. These and other Dutch treats are a sort of tradition in the way Americans traditions include peanut butter and Australian traditions include Vegemite. The Dutch comfort themselves with these little balls of fried meat and goo. Have I convinced you to try them yet?

Restaurant Hours:

  • Breakfast in the dining area 8-11am
  • Lunch at the beach hut 11am-6pm
  • Dinner in the dining area 6pm-10pm
  • happy hour every day – call for hours
  • live music friday nights
  • beach bbq Friday nights

The Spice Beach Hut is open in the evenings for happy hour and has live music and other entertainment on Friday nights as well as a special BBQ night on Friday evenings.

What else to do at Spice

Bring your bathing suit, mask and flippers. Jump in the sea after lunch and go for a snorkel. Beach chairs and cabanas are available for rent. It can be crowded on the beach and we actually prefer more isolated spots but this is a kid friendly way to pass some time and not a bad place to park your family for a day of relaxation on Bonaire.

Free events on Bonaire: Connecting People with Nature STINAPA event

Free events on Bonaire: Connecting People with Nature STINAPA event

Looking for Free educational  events on Bonaire?

To add to your arsenal of diving related knowledge it’s always a treat to attend some seminars when visiting Bonaire. Looking for free events on Bonaire where you can connect with other divers and underwater enthusiasts? Here’s your invitation to a one hour educational talk on Bonaire: Connecting People with Nature. Presented next Tuesday, November 19th by STINAPA Bonaire.

  • what: a one hour discussion about Bonaire Nature and consequently connecting people and nature. The exact topic still to be determined
  • where: Kaya Finlandia 10a at the DCNA Dutch Caribbean Nature Association
  • when: Tuesday November 19th 2019 7pm-8pm
  • who can come: tourists, locals, everyone!
  • cost: free of charge!
  • contact: for more information contact STINAPA Bonaire at 717-8444

More about STINAPA Bonaire:

STINAPA, the national park association of Bonaire, a non-governmental, not for profit foundation, manages Bonaire’s National Marine Underwater Park and Washington Slagbaai National Park. According to it’s website, STINAPA’s mission statement: to manage, share, protect, restore, promote and educate about the resources, biodiversity and values of Bonaire’s nature.

What to do on Bonaire: Land Sailing

What to do on Bonaire: Land Sailing

Land Sailing Bonaire: An outstanding windy adventure

As an experienced windsurfer I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about land sailing. My thoughts were – why, why, why? If you fall off your board while windsurfing on Bonaire you fall into some turquoise pool like water – or as my family calls the color,”Lac Bay.” At worst you’ll swallow some salt water and maybe a little pride. If you fall off of your “Blokart” while land sailing you hit dirt, earth, cactus, rock, rock and more rock. I was scared.

So why risk it on wheels? And if windsurfing is as challenging as it is then how could one possibly get this right and not get hurt?

How to Land Sail?

Well, it turns out that land sailing is a lot like going go-carting. Anyone can do it. On Bonaire Land Sailing’s website they advertise it as “fun, fast, safe and easy!” Control of the sail is a lot like control of a gas pedal. A handlebar shaped wheel steers the blokart, unlike a windsurf board where you have to steer using sail technique. And then a pulley controls your speed. The more you pull, the more wind you expose to your sail and the faster you go. The wind on Bonaire blows steadily in more or less the same direction and the land sailing course is designed with this in mind.

You speed around the same track over and over and you always have wind in your sail – you just control the amount by pulling on a rope. Some real life human help (with a smile) awaits you at the sharpest turn where power goes out of your sail and you may need help getting moving again or making it around that one tough turn. The wimpier you are – uh…me… the more help you need because you’ll slow waaaay down for the sharp right and need help to speed up again.

The people running the show are fun, friendly and laid back. You’ll get a good explanation of what to do, how to sail, how to start and stop and what not to do prior to starting to sail. The lesson lasts about 10 minutes. Everyone gets a helmet, seatbelts and gloves to keep a good grip on things.

What can go right and what can go wrong…

My daughter, age 10, got distracted at one point and managed to go straight over the middle of the course, over all that rock and earth I was just mentioning.  I am not sure the people working there even noticed. I also had a bit of a hard time at the end of my course and sort of crashed… It hurt.  I’d counted on my windsurf expertise but instead I think my fears got the most of me. Despite the crashes and burns it was an exhilarating ride and we WILL be back.

The kids loved it. This makes the list of kid-friendly Bonaire activities and will certainly win you some points with yours. You do need some wind and it can’t hurt to make reservations in advance.  When we were there we only saw 8 blokarts, making reservations all the more meaningful.  Fun, fast, safe, easy… well, for some of us.  Some went fast, some stayed safe, some found it easy and we absolutely all had fun!

child land sailing on the course at bonaire blokart
A land sailor coming around the bend on a blokart on Bonaire’s East Coast
anyone can try land sailing on bonaire
Catching some wind land sailing on Bonaire

Details, details…

  • Location: Road to Rincon beside Arawak Center on the East Coast of Bonaire
  • Hours: Open Monday to Friday from 1 – 5pm and weekends and holidays or by appointment starting at 9am
  • Reservations are encouraged but you can drop in M-F 1-5pm
  • Number to call for reservations +599-786-1572
  • price $30 for 30 minutes, $50 for an hour and $60 if you need a ride from your accommodation on Bonaire, $350 for the entire track if you are hosting a special event or have a large group

Where to eat on Bonaire: We LOVE Kite City Food Truck

Where to eat on Bonaire: We LOVE Kite City Food Truck
sashimi on the beach kite city bonaire
Sashimi Platter at Kite City Food Truck! Sashimi on the beach!
ordering at kite city food truck bonaire
Step up to order! The truck is located at Te Amo Beach
kite city food truck parked at te amp beach bonaire
You can see the Kite City food truck from the road right in front of the airport. Hours are 11am – 4pm daily

We LOVE this place and here is why:

  • they love their customers back
  • freshest of fresh food
  • right on the beach
  • you can have their sangria, beer, soda or bring your own! (we supply a cooler in the apartment you are staying in so you can byob or bring your own drinks and snacks)
  • the barracuda wrap!
  • the sashimi!
  • the fresh tuna burger!
  • did we say fresh? did we tell you how they always recognize you when you come back?
  • This is real, oceanfront, open-air dining at ridiculously reasonable prices with the best view and friendly faces
  • food is served on a ceramic plate – not on styrofoam or cardboard

The kite city food truck always comes highly recommended – just look at their reviews online. You pretty much cannot go wrong. Super friendly service, crazy fresh fish, reasonable prices and right on the beach.

The kite city food truck parks at Te Amo beach across from the airport. Opening hours are for lunch only – 11am-4pm every day. They are responsive to Facebook messages so if you have any doubt about hours or want to plan a special event you can get in touch with them easily. They do catering for small to medium size events including weddings and for large groups staying in villas.

Tips for visiting Kite City:

  • Kite City places  a couple small bar tables in front of their truck. For more seating or if you want to sit on the beach to eat, bring chairs from your vacation rental
  • Bring your own bottle of wine or beer. At breezybonaire apartments we offer our guests beach chairs,  a cooler, cold packs and acrylic wine glasses that you can bring to the beach
  • Bring a side dish or order a sashimi appetizer. Sandwiches are served either alone or with a few potato chips
  • Get there early for the best selection
  • Bring Cash; credit cards are not accepted. There is an ATM machine at the airport right across the street.
  • Bring your snorkel gear – this is a GREAT place to go for a snorkel and swim after lunch

Should I visit Bonaire during Hurricane Season?

Should I visit Bonaire during Hurricane Season?

Should I visit Bonaire during hurricane season?

September? May? What is the best time of the year to come? A frequent question from new Bonaire visitors regards vacationing on Bonaire in hurricane season. Bonaire, along with Aruba and Curacao are considered to be relatively free from hurricanes during Atlantic hurricane season which runs from May to November.  Yes, we will experience some rain and yes, there will be some puddles to walk through, but we snapped this photo in November 2019,  during the low (hurricane, rainy) season. Rainy season does not mean that it actually rains all day. Bonaire experiences typically sunny weather with occasional rain in very short bursts during rainy season. In the windier months there may be more cloud cover as well.

Pros of traveling to Bonaire in the low season:

  • fewer tourists and crowds, fewer cars on the road than in winter (high season) months
  • cheaper plane tickets than in high season
  • cheaper car rental and low season prices in most rentals and hotels
  • much less worry about bad weather than in other Caribbean destinations

Cons of traveling to Bonaire in the low season:

  • this is the warmest time of the year on Bonaire. September is considered the warmest month
  • more chance of rain but expect heavy, isolated downpours occasionally combined with a lot of sunshine for most of the day
  • more mosquitos (stay in a place with mosquito screens!)
  • fewer flight options; many airlines servicing Bonaire cut down the number of flights. For example Delta Airlines offers service from Atlanta on Saturdays and Sundays throughout most of the year but only on Saturdays in the fall months.
  • winter months are often considered more ideal because tourists are escaping the harsh winter months back home. This makes winter more desirable for those of us that don’t live in Florida, Texas or the like – but travel costs also go up in the winter along with the crowds

Activities and things to do, restaurants and nightlife are more or less the same in high, medium and low season.

Fun events take place throughout low season to keep things interesting. The annual Bonaire Regatta takes place in October. The annual swim to Klein Bonaire is a fun event for all ages that takes place in early October. There are usually major windsurf races in June, classes for Divers, courses to learn to kite surf, etc.  And of course you can dive, snorkel, sail, sunfish, kayak and explore Bonaire 365 days of the year. Should I visit Bonaire during hurricane season. YES absolutely!

Grocery Shopping On Bonaire

Grocery Shopping On Bonaire


So… you rented an apartment and you want to eat in?  A little bit about grocery shopping  on Bonaire.

Grocery Stores and grocery shopping on Bonaire

The largest grocery store on the island, Van Den Tweel Supermarket, part of a large Dutch chain called Albert Heijn provides the largest variety of groceries on Bonaire. Van den Tweel’s central location at the end of Kaya Industria makes it a quick stop from most anywhere on the island.  You will find it on the left side of the road just before the traffic circle. Van Den Tweel is open from 8am to 8pm every day including Sundays.  You will need a quarter in order to get a shopping cart – the money will be returned to you when you return the cart. If you arrive without change just ask at the service desk to the left once inside. They will provide you with a free token to get your shopping cart.

Change on Bonaire…

If you haven’t been back to Bonaire in a while a few things have changed.  You no longer weigh your own fruit or vegetables at Van Den Tweel, or any other supermarket on the island. Cashiers take care of that at the checkout counter. If you buy fresh olives or tapenades over in the cheese department you no longer need to ask a clerk to weigh it for you before checking out

No more rotisserie chickens inside Van Den Tweel. Instead try Kiptukkie. A few years back well-known eccentric Dutch artist, Fred Ros started selling smoked chickens out of the back of a rehabbed old Land Rover. Fred named the business Kiptukkie after the chicken chain of a similar sounding name. To get the joke, it helps to know that the word kip is Dutch for chicken. Twice a week, Kiptukkie’s smoked chickens are sold in a food truck outside the entrance to Van Den Tweel supermarket for $12 each.

Warehouse Bonaire is another supermarket owned by the same food group. To get there just drive two blocks back toward town on Kaya Industria from it’s sister store, Van Den Tweel.  Here you won’t need a quarter but it is standard procedure to return the shopping cart to the front entrance anyway. Although Warehouse is now owned by the same chain as Van Den Tweel, they do have different items and different prices. Store hours for Warehouse Bonaire: Open seven days per week 8am – 8pm.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for you can also try More For Less Supermarket on Kaya Nikiboko Noord or Top Supermarket in downtown Kralendijk. Top Supermarket is the former Cultimara Supermarket and is located right downtown.

Where to buy wine, beer and liquor on Bonaire

Famoso supermarket, next door to Warehouse Bonaire sells a good selection of wine, liquor and dry goods. Across the street from Warehouse Bonaire, Antillean Wine Company sells the best wine found on Bonaire outside of Capriccio Restaurant‘s wine cellar. Antillean Wine Company hosts a popular monthly wine tasting for $15. We also love the newly renovated Zhung Kong market at 98 Kaya Gob Debrot for a very large selection of beer, wine and alcohol. Van Den Tweel Supermarket sells an ever increasing variety of beer and wine. Across the street from Van Den Tweel, Best Cellars Bonaire wine, beer and spirits store offers a huge choice for your vacation drinking pleasure. Downtown Kralendijk

Shop local

To support the local economy while on vacation you can shop small! In an effort to combat rising costs of food and produce on Bonaire, the newest supermarket on the island BonDiGro opened it’s doors in 2013 and moved to a central location at Kaya Industria 29 in 2016, across the street from it’s rival supermarket, Warehouse Bonaire. BonDiGro sells everything from kiwis to refrigerators… stop in if you are looking to save on groceries. Great prices on fruits, vegetables and dry goods.

Where to buy fruit on Bonaire

Try Shely’s Fruteria – just past Van Den Tweel supermarket going straight at the second traffic circle. Shely’s is on the right side of the road about two blocks past the traffic circle. Occasionally they sell local fruit that actually comes directly from Bonaire. If you are looking for coconuts ask here – they are kept in back. They get the good stuff.

Where to buy fresh local fish; aki ta bende piska

Looking for fresh local fish? Try the last house on the right side of the road on Kaminda Lac. Coming from town this is on the way to Sorobon. If you arrive at the baseball field you’ve gone too far. Look for a brown house with a sign out front aki ta bende piska.  If the sign is not out, they don’t have fish.

Farmer’s Markets on Bonaire

Kriabon Farmer’s Market:

The first Saturday of every month you can try Kriabon Farmers Market.  It is located on Kaminda Jato Bako 55 in Nikiboko Noord. Hours are at 8:00 AM to 1pm – but go early for a better selection. Visitors will find locally grown produce, often so unusual that you won’t recognize it as a fruit you’ve seen before.  Plants, herbs and spices are also sold at the Kriabon Farmers Market. What a great way to meet and support the locals. But don’t expect to get your grocery shopping done here. Selection is VERY limited but very local and unique.

Krusada Bonaire Organic Market

The Krusada foundation helps individuals suffering from addiction to start a new life through various initiatives and work training. They teach and coach addicts, prisoners, former prisoners, young adults, the physically handicapped and people with mental disabilities. One of their initiatives regards producing organic produce like spinach, mint, basil, curly lettuce, long beans, tomatoes, okra and mixed lettuce in their six large greenhouses. All cultivated, according to their website, in Bonairian soil with great patience and love, under constant supervision for the best quality. You can purchase products made by Krusada at their store located on Kaminda Lagun 191. If you pass Lagun Hill Subdivision you will see the Krusada sign on your left. Hours are Monday through Friday 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm. Krusada harvests and packs their vegetables daily and also markets them at various grocery stores on Bonaire.

Other Organic Food on Bonaire

Van Den Tweel now sells a large variety of organic food. When we say large variety we are comparing it to what was sold here in the past, not in comparison to what you’ll find back home. But still, we’re very happy now that it’s possible to eat organic, gluten free and a variety of other healthy foods. Organic lettuce, spinach, greens in the refrigerated section as well as an entire aisle in the supermarket are now dedicated to organic or healthy products.

GoGreen Ayurveda located at Kaya Grandi 32B offers organic, vegetarian and vegan meals but they no longer sell groceries. For tourists looking for a healthy meal Go Green serves lunch and dinner Tuesday and Wednesday 12pm-3pm and Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12pm -9pm.

Food Shopping for Holidays and special occasions on Bonaire

On special occasions, like New Years Day, the supermarkets carry Local, mostly Dutch specialities.  Around Christmas you can find a deliciously satisfying almond-paste filled cake known as Kerstkrans or another variation called Banketstaaf. Every New Year the supermarket sets out a big tent where they sell the famous olieballen or literally, oil balls! These heavy but delicious holiday treats are coated in powdered sugar, sold warm and come with or without raisins. In the US we’d probably just call them doughnuts but without the doughnut hole. In reality olieballen are more dense than traditional American doughnuts. We love them so much we buy the packaged dough mix to try to make them at home.

For suggestions on gift ideas you can pick up at the grocery store on Bonaire to bring home for your loved ones see this blog post. Happy grocery shopping!



What’s on Bonaire? Guided Sunset Hike Bonaire – in the National Park

What’s on Bonaire? Guided Sunset Hike Bonaire – in the National Park

Hike to the Top of Bonaire after hours – Sunset Hike Bonaire

What: Climb during daylight and watch the sun set from the top of Mount Brandaris, the highest peak on Bonaire.

When:  Sunset, Sunday November 4 from 4pm to 7pm. A guided hike to experience the sunset from Bonaire’s highest peak. 

Where: Meet at the entrance to Washington Slagbaai National Park before 4pm.

Why: You get a rare opportunity to be in the park after it closes and get to witness the sunset from Bonaire’s highest peak. Normal park hours have you at back at the main entrance by 4pm but in this instance 4pm marks the START of your adventure in Washington Slagbaai National Park.

How much: Admission price $10 for all pre-registered sunset hikers. 

Who: The Sunset Hike Bonaire is presented by STINAPA Bonaire (the national park association of Bonaire). There is space for 20 participants. Call +599 717-8444 to reserve your spot. Registration is required for participation. In addition participants must arrange their own transportion to and within the park. You will be back at the park entrance at 7pm.

What else: This is an uphill climb on rocky terrain and some of it in the dark. You need to be in good shape and, have a light and have shoes appropriate for hiking.

What to bring: Water, snack, flashlight, hiking shoes. Keep in mind that part of the descent will be after sundown so it’s important to have a working flashlight. 

Have fun!

Did you miss this event?

If you weren’t on the island November 4th, you can do this hike on your own during daylight hours:  Information about hiking Mt. Brandaris

Watch for future full moon or day time guided walks, hikes, birdwatching events on Stinapa’s website.

Lazy Sunday Music and Lunch at Lac Cai Bonaire

Lazy Sunday Music and Lunch at Lac Cai Bonaire

Lac Cai Bonaire

Sunday lunch, or brunch at Lac Cai should not be missed if you are looking for real local food and a real local experience.

Lac Cai, a nature reserve with a large mangrove forest, white sand beaches, a small scale restaurant/bar finds itself pretty far from most tourist itineraries. So lunch at Lac Cai is a secret for those in the know.

Conch shell hills:

If you are familiar with Sorobon Beach and Lac Bay, you may have noticed l a couple small hills on the inlet in the distance. Those hills consist entirely of conch shells discarded by fishermen at a time when hunting conch was still legal on the island. The hills of shells now serve as a reminder of those times.

Off-the-beaten-path Bonaire

Lac Cai is definitely off-the-beaten-path. Although visible from Jibe City and Windsurf Place it can really only be accessed by a long, windy dirt road; or by windsurf board and sail! You will need a vehicle that can withstand the bumps to get you there along the long dirt road, but it will be worth it, especially if you go on a Sunday at lunch. You can go any day of the week to just relax in unspoiled surroundings but on Sundays with the locals, music and fresh fish prove the most entertaining.

Lunch and Music at Lac Cai Bonaire

The small restaurant at Lac Cai serves lunch every day of the week except Mondays. Live Bonairian music and entertainment takes place most Sundays.

Get away from it all!

A great place for an isolated beach day, Lac Cai boasts great snorkeling, swimming, and definitely some bird watching. Sunday’s you won’t get much privacy but other days of the week you may find yourself all alone. The perfect place for some serious “getting away from it all.”

Lac Cai Tips

Bring everything you would need for a beach day – snorkel gear, rash guards, water, beach chairs, etc. And bring your appetite. Oh and cash. If it’s not a Sunday we don’t guarantee finding the restaurant open but according to their website they serve food six days a week. On Bonaire you never know. So bring food if you want to be absolutely sure. A cooler, cool pack and acrylic wine glasses are located in your apartment if you are staying with us at breezybonaire apartments.

Getting to Lac Cai

Check google maps for “Lac Bay Bar” to get to Lac Cai. Lac Cai is at the end of a long, windy, bumpy dirt road located off of Kaminda Sorobon. You can’t really mess it up – only one road leads to Lac Cai.

Pictured above is the fresh catch of the day with pumpkin, plantains and yucca -it was $11 in August 2018. And pictured below that are some fishing boats and kayaks at Lac Cai during the same Sunday Brunch in August 2018.

Have a very lazy Sunday and enjoy your lunch!


Where to go for Breakfast on Bonaire – Karel’s

Where to go for Breakfast on Bonaire – Karel’s


Breakfast with a view

Where to go for Breakfast on Bonaire? Very few restaurants on Bonaire are directly ON the water. Karel’s Beach Bar is not just on the water, it’s ON the water!

Karel’s is the dinghy stop for sailboats moored in the harbor in front of Kralendijk. They are open all day, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact at Breakfast time the restaurant is transformed into the “Cappuccino Bar.” in the afternoon it’s just Karel’s and in the evening it’s awesome for happy hour. Sometimes after dinner live bands play at Karel’s. A TV near the street shows sporting events.

But this post is about breakfast: Karel’s Cappuccino Bar is the perfect location for your morning cuppa and some eggs. You can walk there for a coffee. You can enjoy, pancakes, sausage, toast or whatever strikes your fancy. The best part about breakfast on the pier at Karel’s: location, location, location. The west facing location of Karel’s means you won’t get the sunrise at breakfast time but you also aren’t in the sun’s direct rays/heat. Come back at happy hour to see what I mean!

It’s really all about the view

When you vacation in the Caribbean it might just be for a few days. During that short time if you are like me, your eyes are required to soak up some deep blue and turquoise. Personally that’s an important part of my Bonaire holiday. I can get dark water anywhere. I can get turquoise water here! Bonaire’s entire coast has a turquoise ring around it so you’ll get to take in a lot of blue during your stay. If you’re on the water at a restaurant like Karel’s you can’t miss the turquoise. And even being across the street detracts from your ability to soak up quite as many Caribbean colors. Added bonus – get up close and personal with the fish if you have a waterfront table at Karel’s.

Some of the best restaurants on Bonaire, although close,  are not directly on the water (At Sea, Capriccio, Mona Lisa, La Cantina, It Rains Fishes, Cuba Compagnie…) So if you want that “on the water”  view – you may have to give up a little in terms of quality being slightly lower and price being slightly higher – but the view might just be worth it.

Service ok, food ok, LOVE that view…

That’s about how I’d sum up Karel’s Cappuccino Bar. The service is friendly (and slow!) But slow works when you’ve got nothing to do but stare out at the turquoise…  the food is OK, the coffee is fine but it would be basically impossible to beat the view. So, yes, I like the Illy coffee over at Luciano more and I like the cappuccino at Gio’s even better, but I am going to go to Karel’s now and again because there’s no other place where my eyes can soak up this much turquoise while I’m drinking my coffee. No one is rushing you out the “door” either.

Karel’s has sunset views and great prices on drinks at happy hour. The water doesn’t look as turquoise at sunset though – and in the mornings it’s quiet – so it’s decided despite all my misgivings – Karel’s is where to go to breakfast on Bonaire.


What’s on Bonaire? A Taste of Bonaire Monthly Event

What’s on Bonaire? A Taste of Bonaire Monthly Event

Meet the locals: What’s on Bonaire? A Taste of Bonaire Monthly Event

A Taste of Bonaire is your chance to sample local food specialties, taste the signature dishes of your favorite Bonaire restaurants at reduced prices, check out some handicrafts and artwork, listen and dance to local music played live on stage and get a taste of not just Bonairian food but also Bonairian culture. What a fun place to people watch and also get a taste of life and living on Bonaire. ATOB, a popular event with people living on Bonaire as well as with tourists takes place the first Saturday of the month about six times per year.

What goes on at Taste of Bonaire

Peruse the booths set up in the park for food and gift vendors and relax at tables and chairs set up for visitors. Vendors serve food in disposable carry-out containers or paper plates. A band plays on the round concrete stage, a fixture of Wilhelmina Park. Event organizers sometimes give short speeches. ATOB, a casual, social event, takes place approximately one time every two months. Since the event takes place irregularly, check their Facebook page for upcoming dates. As of this writing the next edition of ATOB is scheduled for August 4th from 6-11pm and then September 2nd 6-11pm. The September 2nd Edition will be honoring Bonaire Flag Day and is the Dance Edition. Look for a different theme each month. For example, past events include the Recycle edition, the carnival edition, talent edition, tourist edition and more.

Check out this video of someone enjoying herself and tasting local food at the ATOB event:

Details about the monthly event

  • Where: Wilhelmina Park in Downtown Kralendijk in front of Cuba Compagnie Restaurant on the water side
  • When: The first Saturday of each month except December
  • When Exactly: 6pm – 11pm
  • What to bring: Cash and an open mind to try new flavors!

Bon Appetit!

What’s on Bonaire: Washington Slagbaai National Park Full Moon Walk

What’s on Bonaire: Washington Slagbaai National Park Full Moon Walk

STINAPA Bonaire is hosting a Washington Slagbaai National Park full moon walk next Friday.

This event is open to anyone up for an adventurous hike under the stars. The walk is along the Lagadishi trail which brings you to a limestone plateau with a vista over the island. Expect to see plenty of plants and animals including iguanas and flamingos as well as scenery such as blow holes, mangroves, beaches, sand dunes and a salt pan. Bring water, be ready for some adventure and watch out for cacti!

Stinapa Bonaire

STINAPA Bonaire stands for Stichting Nationale Parken Bonaire, a non-governmental, not for profit foundation commissioned by the island government to manage the two protected areas of Bonaire: the Bonaire National Marine Park meaning all waters surrounding Bonaire and Klein Bonaire as well as the Washington Slagbaai National Park which is the uninhabited land north and west of Rincon.

Details of the Full Moon Walk

What: Washington Slagbaai National Park Full moon walk with STINAPA Bonaire
When: Friday July 27th 5pm – 8:30pm
Where: The Lagadishi Trail along the coast and back.
What to bring: Comfortable walking shoes and a flashlight for looking at the ground beneath your feet for safety. Water bottle and snacks.
How: Call 717-8444 to register. Space is limited to 25 participants. Cost is $10 per person. Meet at the entrance of Washington Slagbaai National Park.

Missed it?

Stinapa hosts other events from time to time in and around the island. If you missed the full moon walk check Stinapa’s website for a repeat and for other fun adventures with local guides.
Stinapa is also the association on Bonaire that sells Marine Park Tags. All visitors to Bonaire who plan to dive or in any way use the waters of Bonaire are responsible for purchasing a dive tag. They can now even be purchased online.

Things to do with kids on Bonaire

Things to do with kids on Bonaire

Your children are probably pretty happy to be here already. But, in case you’re planning a family trip or having trouble coming up with things to do with kids on Bonaire we have some ideas to get the ball rolling.

Things to do with kids on Bonaire:

This island is small but the list of things to do with kids on Bonaire isn’t.

There’s a lot to be explored on Bonaire. Kids can go almost anywhere that adults can go. If your kids are adventurous and want to get up close and personal with donkeys, iguanas, flamingos, pelicans, the fish in the sea and most of all with the water, this is the island for you! Looking for more things to do with kids on Bonaire? Watch this space for more suggestions in the future, and check our Top Ten List for other kid-friendly activities and ideas.

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