3 Great Places You Must Take Your Camera on Bonaire

3 Great Places You Must Take Your Camera on Bonaire

3 Great Places for photography on Bonaire

Bring home the best souvenirs from your island vacation without breaking the bank. We’re talking photos. I have a lot more than just three ideas on this subject but to keep it simple let’s start with three. Maybe at the end of this post there’ll be a couple of bonus ideas…

Number 1: Bird watching! Start in the National Park and you won’t go wrong: There are only about 1000 Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrots, locally known as the Lora, left on Bonaire. In contrast, touring Washington Slagbaai National Park makes finding some pretty likely.

As to flamingos, we can almost guarantee some good photo ops in the National Park. With this in mind, try the salt lakes like Salina Slagbaai. Without entering the national park birdwatch for flamingos on the road to Rincon at Salina Goto or on the road to Sorobon in the mangroves. I photographed these flamingos in the mangroves on Kaminda Sorobon with a wide angle lens.

bonaire flamingos in the mangroves


Number 2: Local festivals! If you find yourself on Bonaire in February save lots of film for Carnival! The lively costumes, glittery make-up and creative floats will fill your photo album and memories with the color and vibrancy of Bonaire. Carnival takes place February 15th to February 23rd, 2020 and annually in February around those same dates.

kid's parade at carnival bonaire


Number 3: Last but NOT least take your camera UNDERWATER! Photography while diving has become a sport unto itself. The vast array of underwater creatures and bright colors of Bonaire create the perfect stage for some amazing photos. In addition, advances in underwater photography equipment and housing mean that this is a sport we all can participate in.

photographing fish while diving on bonaire
photo credit the amazing Karen S. Emery


Bonus ideas for photography on Bonaire: I couldn’t leave it at just three. Some other ideas – photograph windsurfers, photograph the colorful market at Wilhemina Park downtown, take pictures at Klein Bonaire, Thousand Steps, the Salt Factory, the Donkey Sanctuary and try to get some iguana close-ups.


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