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Finally Public Transportation on Bonaire! BOB-BUS

Public Transportation on Bonaire

The new BOB-BUS- Getting around Bonaire. Getting around Bonaire has always been pretty straightforward. You drive a car, truck or scooter. You take a taxi. You walk. You ride a bike but risk your life (this also goes for the scooter rental idea!) But until now you the possibility of public transport proved more or less a no-go.

As of March 1st 2020 that is all changed. The BOB-BUS, an initiative of Stichting Kinderhulp Bonaire (Child Assistance Foundation Bonaire) makes it’s first stops next week at a location near you!

Bus Routes

This much needed service, the Bob-Bus offers two routes. Both routes start in Downtown Kralendijk at the Wilhelmina Square, near Cuba Compagnie restaurant and bar. Route A heads North from the square while Route B heads South.

Bus Service offered seven days a week in the evening:

  • Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from 5pm to Midnight
  • Wednesday through Saturday from 5pm until 1:30am
  • Saturdays and Sundays beginning at Midnight service decreases. This is info from their website and isn’t clear – so just get home by your midnight curfew!

To find out where the buses are located you can even download the BOB-BUS app to your cell phone. This is high tech for Bonaire… I can’t wait to test it out. Service starts March 1st, next week!

B0B-BUS route map


How much is the bus ride?

The cost of a single ride is $5 and the best thing about it besides getting where you want to go is that half of the cost is donated to Kinderhulp Bonaire. This organization helps kids in poverty to integrate in society. They help with meals, swim lessons, Christmas presents, participation in sports clubs, computers and more.

You can’t actually hop on the bus with a $5 bill, though. You must buy a bus token at participating vendors. When we find out who sells them this page will be updated.

Should I still rent a car?

Public transportation on Bonaire is a subject that I’m asked about often. And in the 15 plus years I’ve lived or rented out property on Bonaire I always responded in the negative. Tourists don’t always want to rent a car. And now, finally we may have a solution.

If you ask me I always error on the side of convincing tourists to rent a car or pick-up no matter where they stay. I’m convinced you will still want one but I’m thrilled that an organization like Stitching Kinderhulp Bonaire came up with this wonderful initiative to earn money for their great cause and serve the people on the island of Bonaire at the same time.

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