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Where to eat lunch on the Beach in Bonaire: Spice Beach

lunch on the beach at spice beach club  dinner at spice beach club bonaire

At Spice Beach Club lunch is served here: right on the beach (left) and breakfast and dinner are served in the covered restaurant on the right.

Where to eat lunch on the beach in Bonaire

When visiting the island for a week you want to find that perfect combination of beach vibe, good food and view. Maybe you noticed from my previous blog posts, but I’m always after that relaxing turquoise view. I search for great places to relax and have a meal right on the water.

I like Spice Beach Club especially for lunch as you can dine with your feet in the sand and your eyes on the water. The food is decent – the atmosphere relaxed. And best of all you lunch barefoot in the sand with turquoise water views.

What to eat

On our last visit we tried the catch of the day, mahi-mahi, pictured above. It comes with fries and a small salad. Spice chefs serve up a simple, fresh and filling meal – not fancy but just right. If not more than right at $14.75 for fresh fish, ocean view and feet in the sand. I also recommend chicken Sate –  a good choice for picky kids and adults alike. On the day we lunched at Spice the special was a big slice of meat Lasagna, another crowd pleaser again at $14.75.

What not to eat:

Try the “Dutch treats” if you’ve never tried them – bitterballen, krokets, frikandel and other fried, crunchy and sometimes slimy goodies comprise these so-called treats. We are not huge fans if you didn’t gather from the use of the word slimy.  But frikandel, a fried sausage made from chicken, pork and beef, bitterballen, breaded balls of meat and stew, krokets, a fried cylinder shaped snack filled with ragout and described by google as containing “strands” of meat are well known Dutch comfort foods. These and other Dutch treats are a sort of tradition in the way Americans traditions include peanut butter and Australian traditions include Vegemite. The Dutch comfort themselves with these little balls of fried meat and goo. Have I convinced you to try them yet?

Restaurant Hours:

  • Breakfast in the dining area 8-11am
  • Lunch at the beach hut 11am-6pm
  • Dinner in the dining area 6pm-10pm
  • happy hour every day – call for hours
  • live music friday nights
  • beach bbq Friday nights

The Spice Beach Hut is open in the evenings for happy hour and has live music and other entertainment on Friday nights as well as a special BBQ night on Friday evenings.

What else to do at Spice

Bring your bathing suit, mask and flippers. Jump in the sea after lunch and go for a snorkel. Beach chairs and cabanas are available for rent. It can be crowded on the beach and we actually prefer more isolated spots but this is a kid friendly way to pass some time and not a bad place to park your family for a day of relaxation on Bonaire.

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