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The Frans Paradise Windsurf school and shop

The Frans Paradise Windsurf school and shop now open!

Local windsurf superstar brothers Taty and Tonky Frans opened the doors to their own windsurf shop on December 30th 2018. The Frans Paradise offers expert lessons taught by the pros as well as high quality rental equipment for windsurfing and wind foiling. The opening of The Frans Paradise marks Bonaire’s fourth ever windsurf shop.

For windsurfers returning to Bonaire year after year the opening of the Frans Paradise brings big news! Things on Bonaire move on island time so the opening of TWO new windsurf operations in just a couple of years means surprisingly big change for this little island. For about 25 years only two windsurf shops competed for windsurf rentals and lessons. Now with the opening of Dunkerbeck pro center last year and the Frans Paradise right afterwards, sailors can experience a different kind of rental and lesson experience.

A little history of Windsurfing on Bonaire

In 1988, Ernst van Vliet brought his car loaded with windsurf rental gear to a stretch of beach on Lac Bay Bonaire – a little known spot. The island, known only for scuba diving at the time, didn’t know what had hit it. Jibe City, the first windsurf rental shop and school was launched. Within a few years Bonaire Windsurf Place opened it’s doors next door. Not until about 29 years later did a 3rd shop open – this time a small windsurf center at Sorobon Beach Resort, Dunkerbeck Pro Center. And now, 30 years after windsurfing came to Bonaire and 23 years after they began windsurfing, Taty and Tonky’s Frans Paradise opened it’s doors.

The Frans brothers, truly Bonairian legends, now share their talent and knowledge with us mere mortals. The two learned about windsurfing from Elvis Martinus, the founder of Bonaire Windsurf Place starting back in about 1995. They started competing in 1996. By 2001 competing internationally, the boys gained recognition overseas where the talent from our little island surprised everyone. Additionally, Tonky and Taty are in part responsible the sport becoming more dynamic and exciting to watch. Because of them, the sport moved from old school to new school windsurfing with the advent of jumps, spins and sliding moves. Years of dedication and hard work has taken them all over the world to compete and made them and the island of Bonaire famous for windsurfing. Now they are ready to share their hard-won talent, skills and love of the sport with you and me.


Tonky and Taty run The Frans Paradise out of a brightly painted container located near the event site on Lac Bay, Sorobon Beach. To find them drive or walk past Bonaire Windsurf Place and look for their little shop along the beach as you approach the event site, not far from the fishing boats. All four windsurf shops on Bonaire are located on the same stretch of Beach at Sorobon. The four schools include Jibe City, Bonaire Windsurf Place, Dunkerbeck Pro Center and The Frans Paradise.

Why rent from Frans Paradise? Here is what guests are saying:

“First time foiling for my boys at the Frans Paradise last week — got a taste of flying!! Thanks Taty and Tonky!!

“What a perfect spot to chill and windsurf! And Tonky and Taty are the BEST. All smiles, not intimidating, and full support for all your windsurfing goals!”

“Taty is the best windsurf instructor I know, patient, respectful, super friendly and a very good teacher!”

“In my opinion The Frans Paradise has the best spot in the bay. it is downwind from the crowds and gets cleaner air. there is both shallow and deep water within steps of the shore. great spot for beginners and freestyle riders in the shallow water, but also great for foiling and practicing water starts in the deeper water. On the day I was there the deep water was the smoothest in the whole bay and I could really work on my jibes. The Frans brothers really have a choice spot and I will be sailing with them next time I am on the island.”

And here is what WE think about Frans Paradise

Expect a different experience at Frans Paradise than at any other shop on Lac Bay. In addition to their worldwide fame and windsurf achievements, Tonky and Taty have the most relaxed, inclusive and supportive attitudes. They want you to learn and they want you to have fun. They both spend time on the water every day because they love the sport. You get to rent great gear and support this wonderful new local business run by two truly top class guys. Their smiles are contagious. What more could you ask for on your windsurf holiday?

Tonky and Taty Frans in Bonaire

What’s new at Frans Paradise?

New Gear! In December 2019 Frans Paradise brought in all new Tabou Boards and Gaastra Sails, booms and masts.

Rental and Lesson Rates


  • windsurf rental:  one hour $35, two hours $60 , one day $75, one week $425
  • foil rental without sail: one hour $50, Two hours $80, Full day $100, weekly $400
  • foil rental with sail: one hour $70, two hours $100, full day $150, weekly $700
  • slalom rental: one hour $50, two hours $75, full day $100, weekly $550


  • Beginner windsurf lesson $50 including equipment; gear rental after your lesson is $30/hour or $45 for two hours
  • Intermediate windsurf lesson $75 including equipment
  • Foil lesson $125 including equipment
  • Private windsurf lesson $110 including equipment

Find them on Facebook or give them a call for reservations at +599 785-0514

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