Just Imagine

Exploration and Adventure
Tourists come to Bonaire to explore. After all, this island has PINK lakes! We have caves that can be explored on foot and underwater. About 1/3 of the island is national park and on any given day is inhabited by at most maybe 100 people. Where this photo was taken you can even spend the night camping under the stars. Jump if you dare but please check the tides first…

romantic vacation bonaire couple time

A Romantic Getaway
Sunsets and turquoise water set the scene for your romantic escape. Bonaire offers so much possibility for things to do together like long leisurely strolls along the beach, setting out on a sunset sail, getting a couples massage in a beach hut overlooking the water, hiking to the top of Mount Brandaris, romantic dinners at waterfront restaurants, stargazing on a quiet beach…

family vacation bonaire - what to do with kids on Bonaire

Family Bonding Time
The kids will have a blast trying all sorts of things that they can’t do back home. Feed donkeys, snorkel with turtles, splash in the shallow water of Lac Bay. Bonaire may be their first experience with snorkeling! The calm waters and fascinating underwater life here make it the ideal place to get started. If your kids are 10 and can swim they can even get PADI certified. If they can walk get them on a windsurf board now!

what to do with guests that don't dive snorkel day trips

Fun in the warm Caribbean Sea
How many different possibilities are there to venture into the waters of Bonaire? Scuba dive, snorkel, windsurf, kitesurf, kayak, swim, cave dive; there’s even a horseback riding tour that takes you and your horse into Lac Bay to cool off! Or how about just drinking in that beautiful turquoise water with your eyes? Pictured at left are snorkelers enjoying a drift snorkel off the trimaran the Woodwind.

perfect vacation for seniors bonaire vacation rentals

Take in some well deserved sunshine
The climate on Bonaire isn’t really a subject of conversation when you live here since it’s pretty much always nice. In January, the coldest month, the average high temp is 85° and in September, the hottest month, it’s 89° with average lows of 75° and 79° respectively. The trade winds provide a constant 15 mph cooling breeze and the annual rainfall is only 18 inches per year.  Get your vitamin D 365 days per year. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Snowbirds relaxing on the beach

Stay a While! Snowbird in Paradise…
Looking for a warm spot for the winter months? Snowbirds are flocking to Bonaire! Hot, but not too hot due to the constant trade winds, easy to navigate roads, fully stocked supermarkets, reliable hospital services, safe environment, dollar as the main currency, English widely spoken and understood. This island is absolutely ideal for adventure seeking, sun worshipping folks who need to get in out of the cold in the winter months.

Feel Free to Ask

Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions that you may have regarding the island, the apartments, things to see and do, availability, booking or anything else that`s on your mind. We are more than happy to help make your trip a fabulous one!