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Signs of Bonaire, Scuba Diver Crossing, Turtle Nesting…

signs of bonaire sea turtle nesting area signs of bonaire do not touch the turtles donkey crossing sign on bonaire iconic yellow dive site signs in bonaire

The signs of Bonaire: a little game

Where on Planet Earth can you find a Scuba Diver Crossing sign like the one above? How about a Do Not Touch the Turtles sign? How well do you know Bonaire? Can you guess where the scuba diver crossing sign is located on Bonaire? How about the other signs pictured in this post?* We’ve included one of the iconic yellow dive site rock signs which dot the entire coast of Bonaire. Hopefully you can figure out the location. That one is a freebie.

Because Bonaire is the perfect shore diving location, a place where you park your car and walk into the water, a scuba diver crossing sign like this works perfectly! It adds to the charm of an already charming island.

Divers cross, turtles cross, iguanas cross, goats cross… and everybodys favorite – drempels!

Donkey crossing, iguana crossing and now diver crossing! All we need now is a sign with a surfer crossing the road with kite or windsurf gear.But seriously, please slow down for all of our wild animals up to and including our scuba diving human friends. And from time to time you’ll come across signs for drempels, speed bumps to slow you down like it or not.

Quiz answers

* The Scuba Diver Crossing road sign is located at the start to the Queen’s Highway north of Kralendijk, just past the dive site Oil Slick Leap. The do not touch the turtles sign at Thousand Steps and the Sea Turtle Nesting Area at Te Amo Beach.

When looking for the diver crossing sign enjoy the scenery

The Queen’s Highway on Bonaire is also an ideal place for a bike ride, hike, walk or running and jogging. Stops and dive sites along this road include Thousand Steps, Tolo, Jeff Davis, Weber’s Joy and Karpata.

Have a great day on the island everyone! Obey those signs! What other signs have you come across on your favorite Caribbean island?


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