must see beaches of bonaire - thousand steps

What are The Best Beaches on Bonaire: Thousand Steps

One of the best beaches on Bonaire: Thousand Steps

Put Thousand Steps Bonaire on your list of must see beaches for your next trip to the island. 1000 Steps entrance is at the top of a long staircase. Not exactly one thousand steps high so don’t let the name intimidate you!

Getting there

To get to Thousand Steps, drive North through Kralendijk, turning to the right past Caribbean Club Bonaire and continuing along the Queen’s Highway. Although it’s called a highway, it’s actually a narrow, oceanside road with two way traffic. In my opinion the Queen’s Highway is the most scenic road on Bonaire. Come back to the Queen’s Highway for a scenic walk or run if you enjoy this drive.

What to bring

Bring snorkel gear – mask, fins, rash guard, bathing suit, towels, sunglasses and sunscreen.

There is no place to sit and no facilities at Thousand Steps. Bring a folding beach chair if you plan to stay a while or want to get comfortable outside of the water. Snacks and water can’t hurt either. At breezybonaire we provide a cooler, cool pack and folding beach chairs for  these off-the-beaten-path beach excursions.

There is no shade at all at this beach so bring sunglasses, hat and if you have access to it bring a beach umbrella. Expect hot, sunny weather and not too much breeze.


When I visit Thousand Steps it’s usually for a short snorkel and some sightseeing. I don’t tend to stay too long because of the lack of shade. It’s a great place to check out the coral on the beach. I’ve often found hermit crabs with my kids, sometimes by the hundreds if you know where to look. There are some cave-like areas and lots of exploring to be had for children. When along the Queen’s highway stop off at the lesser known Jeff Davis Dive site, Tolo and Weber’s Joy as well.


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