Beach Tennis Bonaire

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Beach Tennis: The new volleyball

Beach Tennis has now completely taken over any form of beach volleyball played on the island. The sport is super popular with locals and is growing fast in Bonaire and around the Caribbean. Looking for a fun activity to do with your kids while on Bonaire? Go watch a tournament and see if they want to give it a try. We think the sport will soon become very popular in the US and elsewhere. Maybe you can introduce it to your friends back home.

A little bit about the game

Play beach tennis on a volleyball court using stringless paddles with holes and non-pressurised tennis balls. On Bonaire the sport is pretty much all doubles.Beach tennis scores work the same as tennis but with no-ad after deuce. A team needs six games to win a set and best of three sets wins the match. In tournaments on Bonaire usually just one set is played to seven games. The players that win move on to the next round.

Where to play

Tournaments and practices are held at Coco Beach Bonaire near the north traffic circle. The parking entrance is at Eden Beach – Spice Beach. Beach Tennis Bonaire organizes about one tournament per month and anyone can join in the fun. Players pay $15 per person to compete.

Beach Tennis lessons on Bonaire

Don’t know how to play, want to improve your skills? Every Thursday night for only $5 a trainer coaches at Coco Beach from 7-8pm for beginners and 8-9 pm for intermediate players. The four courts themselves remain open all day every day free of charge until 9pm. If you need equipment it’s available for you to borrow. You can also buy a beach tennis racquet by getting in touch with Beach Tennis Bonaire. Everyone is welcome to join in the beach tennis fun.

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