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where to go for breakfast on bonaire


Breakfast with a view

Where to go for Breakfast on Bonaire? Very few restaurants on Bonaire are directly ON the water. Karel’s Beach Bar is not just on the water, it’s ON the water!

Karel’s is the dinghy stop for sailboats moored in the harbor in front of Kralendijk. They are open all day, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact at Breakfast time the restaurant is transformed into the “Cappuccino Bar.” in the afternoon it’s just Karel’s and in the evening it’s awesome for happy hour. Sometimes after dinner live bands play at Karel’s. A TV near the street shows sporting events.

But this post is about breakfast: Karel’s Cappuccino Bar is the perfect location for your morning cuppa and some eggs. You can walk there for a coffee. You can enjoy, pancakes, sausage, toast or whatever strikes your fancy. The best part about breakfast on the pier at Karel’s: location, location, location. The west facing location of Karel’s means you won’t get the sunrise at breakfast time but you also aren’t in the sun’s direct rays/heat. Come back at happy hour to see what I mean!

It’s really all about the view

When you vacation in the Caribbean it might just be for a few days. During that short time if you are like me, your eyes are required to soak up some deep blue and turquoise. Personally that’s an important part of my Bonaire holiday. I can get dark water anywhere. I can get turquoise water here! Bonaire’s entire coast has a turquoise ring around it so you’ll get to take in a lot of blue during your stay. If you’re on the water at a restaurant like Karel’s you can’t miss the turquoise. And even being across the street detracts from your ability to soak up quite as many Caribbean colors. Added bonus – get up close and personal with the fish if you have a waterfront table at Karel’s.

Some of the best restaurants on Bonaire, although close,  are not directly on the water (At Sea, Capriccio, Mona Lisa, La Cantina, It Rains Fishes, Cuba Compagnie…) So if you want that “on the water”  view – you may have to give up a little in terms of quality being slightly lower and price being slightly higher – but the view might just be worth it.

Service ok, food ok, LOVE that view…

That’s about how I’d sum up Karel’s Cappuccino Bar. The service is friendly (and slow!) But slow works when you’ve got nothing to do but stare out at the turquoise…  the food is OK, the coffee is fine but it would be basically impossible to beat the view. So, yes, I like the Illy coffee over at Luciano more and I like the cappuccino at Gio’s even better, but I am going to go to Karel’s now and again because there’s no other place where my eyes can soak up this much turquoise while I’m drinking my coffee. No one is rushing you out the “door” either.

Karel’s has sunset views and great prices on drinks at happy hour. The water doesn’t look as turquoise at sunset though – and in the mornings it’s quiet – so it’s decided despite all my misgivings – Karel’s is where to go to breakfast on Bonaire.


Cappuccino with a view

cappuccino with a view

So many coffee choices…

Intense competition exists (at least in my mind…) between ice cream at Gio’s and ice cream at the newest gelateria on the block, Coffee Company Luciano. Luciano’s, as the locals call it, located on the waterfront in downtown Kralendijk, opened it’s doors in June 2016. Luciano’s offers coffee drinks, gelato, bagel sandwiches, salads, other light lunch items as well as all sorts of fresh juices, cocktails made with locally grown mint, beer and wine. The locale fills the much needed niche of somewhere a little bit upscale to meet up with friends and stay awhile. We recommend it for cappuccino with a view!

Internet cafe…

What a great spot to bring your computer and get some work done. Free wi-fi, comfortable chairs, air-conditioning and great lighting and view make it your own personal internet cafe or meeting spot.

You may take it for granted with all the coffee shops back home but until Luciano’s opened nothing like it existed on Bonaire. Luciano’s has one huge advantage too, a prime location right on the water with a magnificent view from both inside and outside.

An air-conditioned break

Step inside Luciano’s to find a soothing respite from the heat. The spacious, elegant and wonderfully air-conditioned interior lures you in and keeps you from getting up and leaving. A wonderful place to get out of the heat and enjoy conversation and company of friends. And even from indoors you get to enjoy the turquoise water.

Location location

Coffee Company Luciano is located on a big, triangular piece of real estate. This location on the island had mysteriously remained vacant ever since the old thatched hut restaurant “Salsa” closed it’s doors quite a few years ago. A large apartment complex with a museum and shops on the ground floor now stands in place of Salsa. The museum opened it’s doors around the same time as Luciano’s. Coffee Company Luciano resides in one of the shops attached to the apartment complex on the ground floor. Thus the location could not be more central. Ice cream with as stunning a view as could be hoped for in downtown Kralendijk can now be had.  The entire look, including Luciano brings a more modern and sleek vibe than the island has ever seen before however at the cost of old school Bonairian architecture.

Seating arrangements…

Luciano has a variety of seating options. Indoor, outdoor – on colorful plastic stools or in comfortable, elegant dining chairs. And so many choices; frappuccino, cappuccino, fresh juice, wine, ice cream, indoors, outdoors, casual, elegant. We suggest a trip back a few times to try a little of everything! From our places at Breezybonaire this makes a great after dinner walk.

Italian Illy brand coffee is used to prepare all coffee drinks. I don’t know if it’s the best cappuccino on Bonaire but it’s the best cappuccino with a view that I’ve found so far.

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