Souvenir shopping on Bonaire. More options now than ever before.

best bonaire souvenirs

Souvenir Shopping on Bonaire -more variety than ever

Just a couple years ago basically no option for souvenir shopping on Bonaire existed. Back then you could choose from a few oversized generic t-shirts and maybe a flamingo or lizard key chain. Possibly you could find a turtle pot-holder made in China from an overpriced souvenir shop on Kaya Grandi.

Fast forward to today where quite a few and much better Bonaire souvenir shopping options now exist. And you don’t need to travel too far out of your way to find them. Not all items are made on Bonaire, but still these gifts will likely be appreciated by those you left back at home while you took your Caribbean vacation.

Food items

Dutch food and drink has hit Bonaire big time. So bring back Stroopwafels. Or try stroopwafel flavored liquor, or Stroopwafel flavored milk chocolate, chocolate dipped stroopwafels… In our opinion just go for the plain old stroopwafels and forget the gimmicks. Your gift recipients will thank you. If the stroopwafel liqueur seems an overreach, another alcohol option for a gift is the egg nog flavored Advocaat liquor. Drink it at room temperature or heated up and mixed with whipped cream. Delicious, Dutch and something unusual and different.

Gift shopping at the grocery store

And again, without even entering a gift shop you can get all your souvenir shopping done. Just hit the local grocery store and you’ll find adorable mugs adorned with scenery from Bonaire. You will find mounted professional photos of scenery from around the island, you will find calendars, postcards, locally made liquor and more.  Also available right at the supermarket are Bonaire candies, Bonaire books, Bonaire mouse pads and of course different varieties of Bonaire Sea Salt. For made on Bonaire options go for the sea salt or the Kadushi brand liquor – or look into the books and artwork made by locals.

Souvenir re-usable Bonaire shopping bags

Speaking of the grocery store, sometimes the simplest things make the best gifts. Widely available are souvenir re-usable grocery bags. Easy and lightweight to bring back, some have colorful photos of Bonaire on them, some are made of organic cotton and come from the Netherlands and all are a useful gift that any eco-conscious adults in your life would appreciate. Especially nice gift for friends and family that know Bonaire firsthand and would enjoy the reminder of the pretty scenery, iguanas and donkeys when they go shopping back home.

T-shirt recommendations

If you still want a T-Shirt we think the ones they sell at Pirana Joe at the little mall downtown are pretty sweet.  T-shirts have a little stuffed piranha hanging off of them – not exactly made in Bonaire – but something the kids back home will probably enjoy if you decide to forego the sugary stroopwafel option. Another mall option in town is the color changing shop Del Sol. Gimicky but fun – everything from color changing shirts to shoes, jewelry, towels and nail polish.

Souvenir shopping just got easier on Bonaire – Shop till you drop!

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Sunwing Airlines offers direct flights from Toronto to Bonaire

Sunwing Airlines Sun Wing airlines non-stop Toronto Bonaire

Sunwing Airlines offers direct flights in High Season

Great news for our Canadian guests! SunWing Airlines, a Canadian low-cost air carrier, successfully began non-stop service from Toronto to Bonaire two years ago. After yet another successful year, flights will be offered again in high season, December 2019 to April 2020.

Sunwing Schedule to Bonaire 2019-2020

Scheduled flights to Bonaire in 2019 and 2020 take place December 15th, January 5th, 12th 19th, 26th. Flights in February take place the 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd. Flights in march take place March 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th. In April flights are on the 5th and 12th, returning April 19th. The April 12th 2020 outbound flight from Toronto marks the end of Sunwing’s seasonal flights to Bonaire.

All outbound flights leave Toronto at 10am and arrive in Bonaire at 4:10pm, with a one hour change when daylight savings time ends in Toronto.Inbound Flights leave Bonaire at 5:20pm and arrive in Toronto at 9:50pm

The fleet and details

Sunwing Airlines fleet consists of 26 Boeing 737-800’s with a capacity of 189 seats.

Flights on Ontario Canada based Sunwing leave Toronto Canada (YYZ) and arrive at Flamingo International Airport . Bonaire’s airport code is BON and it’s also known as BIA or Bonaire International Airport.

In addition Sunwing Airlines flies between Toronto and Aruba (AUA) on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays in high season. So if tourists find getting flights into Bonaire difficult they can look into flying into Aruba and transferring with one of the puddle jumper airlines. For companies that fly between Aruba and Bonaire try Aruba Airlines, Divi-Divi or WinAir. However these airlines possibly stop in Curacao.

It’s expensive to get to Bonaire!

Although the Canadian Dollar is low against the US Dollar Canadian tourists will be happy about Sunwing’s service. Because this low cost airline offers flights beginning at about $700CAD Canadian tourists can get to this beautiful island for a little bit less. Need more information about how to get to bonaire?

Our Newest Addition – Breezy Loft

balcony in breezy loft with full mosquito screens

Proudly presenting our newest addition, Breezy Loft, a 2-3 bedroom apartment that sleeps 2-7 guests..  Breezy loft is the newest addition to breezybonaire vacation rentals! This is by far out largest apartment and also the most updated but still offered at budget rates.

      Kitchen at Breezy Loft vacation rental; our newest addition      family vacation rental bonaire breezybonaire; our newest addition

If you have stayed in our apartment Blue View in the past, this apartment has a lot of similarities. It is in the same building, also on the top floor, and also with a fully screened-in balcony which means the entire place can remain open, just like Blue View.  Both main bedrooms are air-conditioned and the apartment has a high speed internet connection, washing machine, full kitchen and much more.

If you are interested in any of our three properties and are trying to decide which one best suits your needs just send an e-mail and we’d be happy to work with you to find the best fit.

All three of our apartments are ideal for snowbirds. They really are a sort of home away from home. With laundry facilities, kitchen that are fully equipped to prepare any meal, air conditioned bedrooms and importantly, mosquito screens to keep out the little buggers. Bonaire is paradise for the retirement age crowd and breezybonaire apartments are a safe, central location to spend your winters.

For those of you who have stayed in our smallest rental apartment, Teal Studio (Perfect for Travel on a Shoestring as advertised on airbnb) you may be wondering why you do not see it listed here anymore.  As of the summer of 2016 we are no longer renting out that property.  Ask us about other budget accommodations at Caribbean Court and elsewhere which would be a good alternatives to Teal Studio.  Or just stay at one of our places – we would love to have you back!

FAQ: Do I need a converter or transformer for travel to Bonaire?

plugging in electronic devices on bonaire. do I need a converter or transformer?

Will my electronic devices work on Bonaire? Do I need a transformer?

Probably the most frequently asked question of new tourists to Bonaire relates to boring old electricity. Will my electronic devices work? Will they get damaged? Are there standard US/Canadian or European sockets or outlets where I’ll be staying? Is a converter or transformer needed? What is the electric current on Bonaire?

Whether from Europe or North America your devices will work

The short answer is YES, your electronic devices will work.  But you need to be careful. The electric current on Bonaire is 127-220V/50Hz.

Outlets, converter or transformer…

Most accommodations on the island come equipped with sockets (outlets) that will work for both European and North American visitors. The 127V/50Hz sockets are the exact shape and size as what we normally use in the US and Canada. They have either two prongs if ungrounded or three prongs if grounded. If your appliances have three prongs you may want to travel with two prong adapters since not every hotel will have grounded outlets available. European outlets found here consist mainly of Shuko outlets, round with two prongs  found in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.  If you plug in an appliance built for 220-240 volt electrical input, or an appliance compatible with multiple voltages, then an adapter suffices.

But Unplug it!

For guests coming from the US and Canada: Electrical devices like hair dryers and electric shavers made for use in the US generally rated for 110V/60Hz will not be 100% functional with Bonaire’s 50Hz (slower) cycle. This difference in electric current can cause these appliances to overheat and eventually burn out. Transformers can only adjust voltage, not the cycle so they won’t help.

Appliances work but not exactly

At Breezy Bonaire Vacation Rentals we provide a hair dryer for our guests in all apartments. For everything else, like your computer and phone chargers, the only way to know if it’s completely safe to plug them in is to check your device. If the label found on the battery pack or charger of your device reads “input 110-240/V/ 50-60 Hz,” that means your appliance has dual voltage/cycle and you are good to go. For something like a curling iron or hair dryer, because you use it for such a short amount of time it should  not have a problem even if rated for 110V/60Hz. A clock such as a clock radio or one found on the face of a microwave oven rated 110V/60Hz will not run the correct time.

Laptops come with universal power supply so don’t worry!

Laptops and phones, along with more and more electronics that people bring along on their travels are now made with a universal power supply. As a result you won’t have issues. But, to be safe check the power cable for that information. We suggest always unplugging already charged up appliances or those not in use.

We occasionally experience power surges

Keep in mind that because Bonaire is prone to power surges, travelers need to protect valuable items like scuba computers, dive cameras, go pros, etc.  For extra precaution bring a surge protector (power strip with built in surge protector) from home for use when charging these items.

Converter or transformer for European Guests? Not necessary!

For guests coming from Europe, the discussion is shorter. Standard European current of 220V/50Hz is the same found on Bonaire. European outlets, found in many hotels and vacation rentals work the same as back home. All of our apartments at Breezy Bonaire come equipped with 220V circular two prong outlets where you can charge or use your devices without worry. However, due to occasional power surges we still recommend unplugging devices when fully charged or not in use.