The Lazy Tourist’s Guide to Shopping for Gifts on Bonaire

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 The lazy tourist’s Guide to Shopping for Gifts on Bonaire

Lazy, eh? Don’t get me wrong. I love shopping but I don’t particularly love shopping for gifts on Bonaire nor do I want to spend my vacation doing so. Get me out of the gift shops and out/in/on/around the Caribbean SEA! But… someone is feeding the fish, someone’s getting my mail… I may even have left a child or two back home. They’re going to need something to ease my guilty mind and tanned body… So here we go with the lazy tourist’s guide to shopping for gifts on Bonaire.

Van Den Tweel Supermarket for easy gift shopping on Bonaire

Of course when on Bonaire I always make a trip or two to the grocery store to load up for the week (or the month…) Conveniently nowadays the grocery store IS the lazy tourist’s gift shop. The folks back home will never know.

I snapped the pictures in this post at Van Den Tweel supermarket located on Kaya Industria about a mile or so from my apartment at breezybonaire. Choose from mugs embossed with glossy Bonaire Scenery, liqueurs – TikiBon Brand, or beer – Bonaire Blond brand, made and bottled right here on Bonaire. Other options include postcards, calendars with colorful Bonaire art and photography, a pretty good variety of local sea salt of both the edible and the spa treatment variety. Scenic photographs ranging from postcard size to just barely fitting in your suitcase also make great gifts or better yet, souvenirs of your trip. For friends that have actually been to Bonaire before some grocery bags with Bonaire scenery will remind them of their own visits to the island.

Food products to bring back from Bonaire as gifts

You can also get more creative by touring around the supermarket and looking for Dutch or Bonairian food specialties to bring home. When I’m on Bonaire I usually come back to the US with at least 8 or 10 packs of stroopwafels (A type of waffle cookie filled with caramel often served heated up). Unfortunately those are becoming more common in the US and as such, slightly less interesting as a gift idea. Still they are inexpensive, pack easily in your suitcase and pretty much a delight to anyone receiving them. As an aside – if you buy them before getting on the plane, store them in the refrigerator until time to pack up and go home.

To be honest, although simple, easy and yes – lazy, these ideas appeal to me more than t-shirts or little trinkets. If this isn’t your cup of tea there are a large variety of gift shops on Kaya Grandi, the main road in downtown Kralendijk. You’ll find t-shirts, key chains and Bonaire mugs. Try to avoid downtown when a cruise ship is in port.

Souvenir shopping on Bonaire. More options now than ever before.

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Souvenir Shopping on Bonaire -more variety than ever

Just a couple years ago basically no option for souvenir shopping on Bonaire existed. Back then you could choose from a few oversized generic t-shirts and maybe a flamingo or lizard key chain. Possibly you could find a turtle pot-holder made in China from an overpriced souvenir shop on Kaya Grandi.

Fast forward to today where quite a few and much better Bonaire souvenir shopping options now exist. And you don’t need to travel too far out of your way to find them. Not all items are made on Bonaire, but still these gifts will likely be appreciated by those you left back at home while you took your Caribbean vacation.

Food items

Dutch food and drink has hit Bonaire big time. So bring back Stroopwafels. Or try stroopwafel flavored liquor, or Stroopwafel flavored milk chocolate, chocolate dipped stroopwafels… In our opinion just go for the plain old stroopwafels and forget the gimmicks. Your gift recipients will thank you. If the stroopwafel liqueur seems an overreach, another alcohol option for a gift is the egg nog flavored Advocaat liquor. Drink it at room temperature or heated up and mixed with whipped cream. Delicious, Dutch and something unusual and different.

Gift shopping at the grocery store

And again, without even entering a gift shop you can get all your souvenir shopping done. Just hit the local grocery store and you’ll find adorable mugs adorned with scenery from Bonaire. You will find mounted professional photos of scenery from around the island, you will find calendars, postcards, locally made liquor and more.  Also available right at the supermarket are Bonaire candies, Bonaire books, Bonaire mouse pads and of course different varieties of Bonaire Sea Salt. For made on Bonaire options go for the sea salt or the Kadushi brand liquor – or look into the books and artwork made by locals.

Souvenir re-usable Bonaire shopping bags

Speaking of the grocery store, sometimes the simplest things make the best gifts. Widely available are souvenir re-usable grocery bags. Easy and lightweight to bring back, some have colorful photos of Bonaire on them, some are made of organic cotton and come from the Netherlands and all are a useful gift that any eco-conscious adults in your life would appreciate. Especially nice gift for friends and family that know Bonaire firsthand and would enjoy the reminder of the pretty scenery, iguanas and donkeys when they go shopping back home.

T-shirt recommendations

If you still want a T-Shirt we think the ones they sell at Pirana Joe at the little mall downtown are pretty sweet.  T-shirts have a little stuffed piranha hanging off of them – not exactly made in Bonaire – but something the kids back home will probably enjoy if you decide to forego the sugary stroopwafel option. Another mall option in town is the color changing shop Del Sol. Gimicky but fun – everything from color changing shirts to shoes, jewelry, towels and nail polish.

Souvenir shopping just got easier on Bonaire – Shop till you drop!

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